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Jetero RC Flying Club from Damon Darnall on Vimeo.

Jetero has been a leader on the R/C aircraft sport in the Houston area for over 20 years. Our flying field consists of 50 acres of land, which we own and another 50 acres of overfly. Our grass runway is 600 feet long and over 100 feet wide and is maintained throughout the year.

Jetero provides a friendly and hospitable atmosphere to all interests in radio controlled model aviation. Almost any kind of model can be found there at some time. Members go from small electrics to the biggest of the big gas burners. Trainers, powered gliders, simple sport, advanced sport, pattern competition, elaborate scale, helicopters and even jets can all be found sharing this club's facility at Jetero's flying site. The members vary in personality and background as much as the models themselves. They are all welcome and so are you.

While most flying simply revolves around the fun of flying and exploring one's own desires, Jetero offers its members a great variety of opportunities to compete among themselves and guests as well as just show off every so often at a non-competitive Fly-In. It's all in the spirit of fun, relaxation, and recreation. While the competition can be demanding, it still remains relaxing enjoyment within the camaraderie of the sport. Jetero members range from those that will never fly an RC model, yet enjoy the atmosphere and the friends, to those that build and fly immaculate replicas of real aircraft to those that compete in serious competition at the highest levels. Each can find his place at Jetero and again, all are welcome.

If you wish to learn RC, or you're just looking for a "Home" where you can participate at your own pace, then stop and visit Jetero. You will have made a great LANDING.

Download our flyer here