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Club Meetings

Club Meetings are held on the last Thursday of every month

except November and December

Next Meeting

Thursday August 31st, 2017

7:00 PM

Meeting Location


Jetero Flying Field


7.27.2017 Jetero Meeting Minutes

The Meeting was called to order by President Larry Rogers at 6:55 P.M. at the Jetero Field Club House. There were 14 members and 1 new member present.

The minutes from the June Meeting were read and accepted.

The Treasury Report was as follows; The Bank Account Balance is $5,766.04. The savings Account balance is $2,886.42. Income was $290.07. Expenses were $461.61. The club has 101 members.

Field Report: V.P. Al Ponton was absent. The Field Report was given by Pres. Larry Rogers. The Big mower is broken and in the shop for aprox. 2 weeks for repairs. The smaller mower is still usable. Mark Woodman volunteered to bring his mower to help. Al Ponton wished to thank all the people that helped him with the bathroom repairs. That includes Charles Lamb, Adam Parker, Mike Matherne and Larry Wyatt. Al Also wished to thank the club membership for the donations that financed the repairs.

New Members: We had 3. 1st was Douglas Geis, (in Person). Doug was a member way back when Jetero was next to the prison in Humble. Family and work, as typical, pushed RC aside for a few decades and now Doug is returning to the hobby. Doug flies for United. The other 2 members joining were Doug’s daughters, Victoria and Vanessa, (not present).

Wings – None, Guests - None.

Old business: The New Sign is up and looks great. However the phone number at the bottom is incorrect at this time.

The NMAD is scheduled for August 12. There will be a $20 landing fee. The event was "renewed" on the AMA website in such a manner as to relist Wounded Warrior Project again as this year’s fund raising recipient.

New Business: President Larry Rogers will speak to the other clubs involved in the NMAD event about raising money for a raffle prize. Our membership authorized $100 toward a prize.

Barney Mcilvaine proposed the club fly the American Flag 24/7. There was discussion about flag rules and placing a spotlight on the flag vs. drawing unwanted attention at night with such a display. The idea seemed unpopular, No vote was taken.

Mark Woodman proposed applying epoxy floor paint throughout the clubhouse. Mark Woodman volunteered to research the feasibility and price of this project.

Michael Matherne advised his friend wishes to hang some old RC airplanes in his antique shop on FM2100 in Crosby. They are looking for older models that are cheap.

The meeting adjourned at 7:25P.M.