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News and Events

The aim here, is to provide you with an up to date view of current club affairs. It will include the most recent newsletter. There will also be detailed information regarding club events that we have scheduled.

If you are looking for historical newsletters (you should have saved them!), just email the webmaster, secretary, or the newsletter editor (in no particular order of importance) and we will happily send you a copy.

Other local events within our District will be included in our newsletters, and may also be found at AMA District 8 website

Jetero Events List 2018


22nd Anniversary Fly In

Fly what ya bring

CD: Mark Woodman

email: mark.woodman@gmail.com 


SE Texas Warbird Rally

Just Warbirds

CD: Michael and Thomas Matherne

email: warbirds@jetero.com


More events will be added when dates are finalized

Other Local Events

Check out AMA District 8 website


You can open the latest newsletter here

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