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Tips and Tricks

How many times have you tried to help someone by sharing a valuable tip?

We have a wealth of information amongst our members, and now, we have a place to share it.

I have started the ball rolling by extricating from Steve Grabowski some of his "Masterclass" articles.

I have also included some useful information and resources about Nite Flying and lighting.

If you have something you would like to share, please email it to Jetero Webmaster


Engine Related Articles

Adjusting Valves in OS and Saito Four Cycle Engines

Carburetor Adjustments for Changes in Nitro Content of Fuel

Disassembly and Cleaning of Engines

Gas Engine Needle Adjustment 101

Tuning 2 and 4 Cycle Glow Engines

How Long Will Your Engine Last

Optimizing Ignition Timing by Changing Octane of Fuel 


Miscellaneous Articles

How Fast Does Your Plane Fly

Effect of Weight on Drag and Airplane Performance

Types of Propeller Forces and Impact on Flight

Latex House Paints part1 

Latex House Paints part2 

Finding the right prop   

Newsletter Factoid

Night Flying

The Cost of Flying RC